Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Veil of Deception

It turns out, if you live close enough to another country (so close that you can even see it from some remote island), it qualifies you in the category of foreign policy.

Are we on a mission from God? Sarah Palin said yes, then she said no, then she said she doesn't presume to know what God's plan is, only that we're a part of it. What?

Wanna bridge to nowhere? Sarah's going around using the same speech she used at the RNC, saying she said thanks but no thanks to the bridge.

Well, she's right. She said thanks, we'll take the money and build the bridge, but after second thoughts and other issues, she said no thank you, but we'll keep the money.

Weren't the Republicans the "Family Values" party? Since when did marrying off your unwed pregnant 17-year-old daughter become part of American family values?

Could someone tell Sarah that the Pledge of Allegiance wasn't around for the Founding Fathers. She said if it's good enough for the Founding Fathers then it's good enough for her.

I'm not one to pick on gender, but if the self-proclaimed pitbull with lipstick, she nicknamed Sarah Barracuda, can't take the heat of the political ring, she should step out now. Anyone who plays the "Oh, she's just a sweet hockey mom that the media keeps picking on" card is a bit out of touch with reality. She is attempting to become the first woman vice president. That qualifies her to be placed under the scrutiny of the media and everyone else in this country trying to make an informed decision.

As far as being able to make an informed decision...

Barack says McCain's economic plan is like putting lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig.

So why are the Republicans asking Barack for an apology? Why are the Republicans calling Sarah a pig?

I know why. It's the usual political deception to get Barack (and the rest of us) off the issues because simply put, the Republicans have nothing to stand on. While McCain touted his 20 years of experience, the last 8 of those agreeing and supporting W., he's now claiming he and Sarah are the party of mavericks, bringing change to Washington.

Fascinating, Captain.

Until next time...

Ed Straker

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