Monday, June 23, 2008


"You can say anything you want to,
In your fetching cloak of anonymity"

Elvis Costello, 'No Hiding Place'

So here we are. The first post to Progressive Gumbo. Why are we adding our voices to the seemingly endless electronic ether? Well, because we can for one thing. And because we believe that good (or attempts at good) writing are balms for the mind and the soul. In this space music, books, film and politics will be discussed and hopefully our thoughts and musings will provide further insights on your part as well as nods of recognition and agreement, and perhaps a smile or two.

The above lines sung with a sneer and maybe a resigned smile by the iconic Elvis Costello from his great new album "Momofuku" say much about the new art of 'talking' on the Interweb and while not exactly our credo, they say much about our society's current conversational modes. However 'talking' and communicating are essential for the public forum and if done (we hope) correctly and dare we say, progressively, they can make for a better place to be. So, we hope our cloak is of many colors and of course, quite fetching. Enjoy.

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