Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sing the Changes

As we transition away from the campaign to the Obama presidency, it seems that it is about time to address some other issues that this blog is intended to address, namely: music! and film! and books!

This seems a perfect time to transition on the blog and mention the imminent release of Electric Arguments from the Fireman. Who are the Fireman you may ask? None other than Sir Paul McCartney and the DJ Youth, who first and anonymously released two albums in the nineties. Now, with anonymity long gone, the duo are set to release their third album; and this one from what I've heard is basically the McCartney follow-up to last year's terrific Memory Almost Full. Unlike the previous albums, which were experiments in dance and electronica, Electric Arguments boasts lyrics and song structures, albeit not quite what we would expect on a traditional album from Sir Paul. I first heard the brilliant song "Sing the Changes" with its soaring melody and almost otherworldly backing vocals (compliments of Sir Paul himself) a few weeks before the election, and I thought it would make the perfect song and anthem for an Obama victory. I think it beautifully captures what came to pass on November 4.

You can hear the song at the Fireman site as well as stream the entire album on NPR's site. Electric Arguments is released on November 25 and we'll be putting a full review of the album up soon.

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